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"Games for the Soul" book cover

Games for the Soul: 40 Playful Ways to Find Fun and Fulfillment in a Stressful World


(Hyperion, 1998)


Spiritual growth is often associated with hard labor and self-sacrifice, so it's no wonder many of us shy away. But Games for the Soul, a book by Dr. Leder says just the opposite, proclaiming that our journey can be joyful, embracing all the fun and creativity we associate with games. The book offers forty simple, thought-provoking games, each embodying a spiritual principle such as forgiveness, self-love, generosity, or gratitude. The games are designed to help us deal more effectively with stress, and reverse habitual responses that block true happiness.

Below are some comments on the book, which has been featured in the national media across a spectrum from Family Circle and Woman's Day, to New Age magazine. Also below are links to three sample games from the book. Play and enjoy!

Dayeinu! (A game of gratitude, appreciation, celebration of the ordinary.)

The (Not So) Imaginary Friend (A game to cultivate contact with the Divine, and our own spiritual center.)

Entering the Mind of Nature (A game to help us tap into the inspiration and healing powers of nature.)

A Sample of Reviews and Comments

"Games for the Soul presents a playful twist on spirituality, sure to win over those who fear that soul-building is a joyless task. Read this engaging, eye-opening book and celebrate the lighthearted path to enlightenment."
Katherine Ketcham, co-author of The Spirituality of Imperfection

"Enlightenment is as accessible as child's play in this wise and witty collection of games for the soul. Drew Leder presents extraordinary insights from the world's greatest spiritual traditions and invites readers to experience these truths through a joyous pursuit he calls `the way of play.' A remarkable and enchanting book."
Carol Krucoff, health columnist, The Washington Post

"Games for the Soul reminds us of one of the greatest spiritual lessons: to turn toward the grist of our daily lives to find the joy, understanding, and peace we seek."
Christina Feldman, co-author of Soul Food

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